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, hidden stream drive. if you are traveling on 95 now, no tee lays from bel air to -- delays from bel air. 695, harford road, everything up to speed, looking at the typical 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 95, towards 83. here is what the west side looks like, liberty, old court road. traffic is starting to pick up, no significant delays, 12 minutes on the outer op b 795, towards 95, if you are using the jfx, looking at the typical 11 minute ride. traveling southbound from 695, all the way downtown to east fayette street. >>> electric bone chilling o- maizing, three ways to describe the crowd. a 2 and a half hour rain delay didn't put a damper on things. down at the yard this morning, with the recap of the game, charlie , the o's and fans, didn't have much time to dwell on the loss. they don't this morning. >> reporter: the game starts at 8:00. game one didn't wrap up untiling 12:00 because of the rain delay, first pitch was slated for 6:00, got pushed to 8:00 40, the fans got the -- 8:40, the fans got the wrap up rally towels. the gail was great for the o's and jbyankee fans. 9th in
loop at bel air. delays at bel air road. this is going to be a shot of warren road. traffic picking up here on the harrisburg expressway as you travel to 695. that jfx nice and clear. you are looking now at the delays . you will want to leave yourself extra time. significantly jammed all the way up towards providence road. >>> firefighters on the wrong side of the law this morning, he is accused of sexually abusing two teen boys and linda so is live at county police headquarters. this is an open and active investigation. >> reporter: yes, police believe there are victims who have yet to come forward. detectives want you to look at the picture, if your child has come in contact with this man, talk to them. cotel of owings mills is accused of sexually abusing 2, 14 year old boys in the spring. one of the victims contacted police and said cotel abused him. the victim said he witnessed cotel abuse a friend. the abuse happened between may 1 stand june 1st. cot sl a probationary firefighter and an active volunteer with the landsdown volunteer fire department and suspended from both positions
in the 60's on sunday. >> good morning. a couple of accidents. in bel air, word of a crash. this one coming in in the dundalk the city. be extra careful. watch for delays. no delays on the north side at the harford road exit. 49 miles per hour. volume continues to build on southbound 295. 95 in pretty good shape down towards harford county. southbound traffic is starting to build as you get closer to the beltway. this is traffic near harford road. it checks out just fine. no problems at the area bridges. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> thank you. an update on the workplace shooting in minneapolis. funerals were held for two of the victims yesterday. one of the men is the owner of the sign store. the supreme court begins a new term today. they are expected to take on voting rights. a first phase will focus on the university of texas and the use of race to help fill out classes -- a first case will focus on the university of texas and the use of race to help fill all classes. about two-thirds of possible serving medicare patients will have to pay about $125,000 in penalties. >> gen
. >> reporter: you hit some in howard county. >> yeah coming up. >> reporter: i hate lot of bel air road from bel air to kingsville and towson. >> you said it is worse. >> a dense fog advisory we will talk about. also very cool temperatures out there this morning. take the jacket and let's talk about the dense fog advisory. it's in effect until 10. and it's not widespread but frederick and points westward and traveling to west virginia and also points in virginia. that's where you will be dealing with dense fog this morning. a quarter of a mile or less of visibility. right now temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. and we can see patchy fog around howard county and carroll county. and also we can see it around harford county as well. but merrill's most powerful radar is dry right now. and it will stay that way as we go through the day and then we will have changes in the forecast going into the afternoon. my high around 72 degrees. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as charley mentioned we are dealing with quite a bit of fog alo
to be the scenario going throughout the day. let's step out of the way and show you the beautiful shot in bel air this morning. look at this sunrise. it's awesome. and that's the way it's going to stay as we go through time. and maryland most powerful radar is dry right now. scanning the skies not lot to scan. we will see changes in the forecast but in the meantime, enjoy what you get for today. the hour by hour forecast brings to us 81 by 3. and mostly sunny skies. let's check the amount bc2 time save -- abc2 timesaver traffic. >> reporter: hopefully the rain will hold off for the fells point festival the it will shut down broadway beginning at 6 tonight and that's between banks street and james street. other streets south of alexandria will shut down early tomorrow morning. a full traffic advisory can be on travel on the east side of the city, do watch out for a searching hole. we are dealing with a third sink hole that happened yesterday due to all of this week's heavy rain. east monument street remains shut down between wolf street and patterson park avenue. you will want to use
now. we are at 47 in chestertown and annapolis good morning to you, you are at 51. and 50 in bel air this morning and elkton at 48 and reisterstown at 52. frederick at 49 and rockville at 50. so you know this means, grab the jacket as you head out. you are going to need it. even as we go into the after moon it's not going to warm up that much. i will call it seasonable but there's a little kink thrown in my forecast this morning. let's show you what's going on here we are seeing more clouds moving in here and all this is courtesy of a system that's down to the south. with that, that can hold temperatures down going into the afternoon. if we get more sunshine, temperatures will bump up a bit. i will show you that in a second. but this is what's going on at the surface. big system down to the south and with this it will slide up towards the north and the area of low pressure will stay to the west so with that we might not get a whole bunch of rain but we will get showers in here as we work our way into tonight also tomorrow. we will have the warm front that begins to push its way up th
%. >> our bel air-da student athlete of the week. >> and some mist and fog around maryland now but we're watching what we believe will become super storm sandy getting set to become a monster nor'easter, the details straight ahead. >>> labelle air high school student is the student of the week. you'll see why nina dawson is a star. this glen ale country june your is some kind of a star. >> i love winning and i like the hard work that comes along with it. >> as a freshman her team scored one goalt entire season. now she has the team on the cusp of a championship. by working harder, the coach noticed by naming her captain. >> my goal was basically not let them down. we've come a long way. i definitely feel, with our talent, we can win it all. >> hard work in the classroom, too she's in precalculus honors, ap classes. >> she can do it on the fold and the classroom. >> nina and her trademark. >> things are down, she still has a smile on her face. >> what a player, what a student, what a smile. >> just a 16 yrld girl. >> no she's this week's bel air honda student athlete of the week. she i
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in the area, stick with bel aire road instead. if you are using 95, there are no delays right now from hartford county all the way down to white marsh, and it will remain nice and clear as you do get into the city, as we check in and take a live look outside here at eastern avenue, no problems to report, but we are still dealing with that fog, definitely keep that in mind before you head out. as we take a look at some other drive times, no problems to report on 695. it will be nice d clear from parkville all the way out towards towson. and if you are traveling the west side of 695 this morning, no delays, just that typical 11- minute ride right now on the outer loop from 795 down to 895. megan and charley, over to you. >>> after more than a year of primary campaigns and hee lexes, the race to the white house comes down to two candidates and tonight those men are going to be meet for the first time in a highly anticipated debate from denver. charley right now is at the live desk this morning with a preview of the showdown between president barack obama and governor mitt romney. >>repor
that not everybody is getting in on the wet weather. but we can see it around harper county, bel air that's where you're starting to see the heavier rain. not rat pockets here. -- moderate pockets here. jarrettsville between and delta. crossing over the maryland and pennsylvania border, as you go through the remained over the morning. as we slide further back to the west around i-83, i know a lot of you take this road. we are going to be dealing with some slick roadways, manchester still wet weather and also westminster. so this is going to be the scenario through the remainder of the morning. just scattered showers, not everybody is going to be getting wet. i can't emphasize that enough. also some patchy fog out there. the commute to work on the dicey said. take it easy out there. and also we have temperatures that are quite mild. quite warm this morning. and very humid out there as well. davidsonville coming in at 71 degrees, 65 jeff sovereign and west friendship at 66 degrees. our last stop hour by hour, 82 degrees with sunshine by the afternoon. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic
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towards 95 or up to 83. here is what the beltway looks like, not too many cars yet at bel air, no problems up to 83. that's a look at your time saver traffic. >>> top stories on this tuesday morning, today marks the 10 year anniversary since the beginning of the sniper attacks that terrorized the washington region. october 2nd, john mohammad and his accomplice embarked on the killing spree. they killed 10 people while wounding three others. people in virginia, dc and maryland, were terrified to spend time outside. in a rare and chilling interview with the washington post, 27 years old, mallvo is speaking about the horrific days and apologizing to the > if you look up the definition, i was a ghoul, thief, i stole people's life. >> he is serving a life sentence. his partner was executed in 2009. >>> job is protects you in the event of a house fire but a firefighter is accused of sexually abusing two teen boys. cot sl held on 150,000 dollars bail, police say one of the victims called them saying cotel abused him while he lived with the boy's family. he also saw cotel
. right now, it's very chilly. look at bel air coming in at 46 degrees and the temperatures are below that. 47 in millersville and towson 42 degrees. but luckily the winds are on the calm side but we see the 100% for humidity meaning the air is saturated so we are dealing with plenty of fog out and about. now maryland's most powerful radar is dry right now and should stay that way through the rest of today but change comes into the evening as we see more showers moving in from the south to the north. but patchy fog this morning will be dry by lunp time and by 3 for today, we will go with mostly cloudy skies and temperatures at 72. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned, we are dealing with quite a bit of fog so expect reduce visibility. we are dealing with several accidents. trouble up in harford county where there's a crash in bel air on emmerton road at barrington place. and two more in baltimore county a crash right now in dundalk on german hill road at ald 1á7 worth and towson another accident on cromwell at l
including baltimore, towson, bel air and engwood. the cdc reports at least 5 people have died and 35 people have gotten sick in 6 states with fungal meningitis n maryland, one person died -- in maryland, one person died and another got sick. the outbreak is link to spinal steroid shots. state health officials worry it could get worse because hundreds of people are believed to have gotten the contaminated shot. it takes about 1 to 4 weeks for symptoms to surface. you should look for stroke like symptoms and a fever and headache and stiff neck or vomiting. >> it can take up to a month for it to really show up. it is caused by a fungus of mold that doesn't cause harm. >> reporter: now you can find a complete list of the medical facilities here in maryland where the shots were given. it's on the website at and look in the slide show. the massachusetts company where the shots were manufactured has voluntarily shut down its plant. linda so, abc2 news. >>> well it appears pro football and politics are meeting. the former nfl commissioner will donate 100,000 to maryland's same sex marr
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of meningitis. here, 7 medical facilities received the tainted shipment. one, the surge center of bel air. >> they say symptoms can take a while to show up. >> health officials want you to see a doctor if you have new or worsening meningitis symptoms like a fever, headache or stiff neck. go to to get a list of all the medical facilities here in maryland that received the contaminated steroid shots. >>> people in carroll county are discussing and debating proposal to make the end lisch the county language. the latino population has grown by 300% since 2000. many say they felt welcomed and shared the county's conservative values until the county commission moved to make english the official language. the hearing is set for the proposal. carol could would join frederick and queen anns in adopting a policy. >>> five things you wants know as you head out the door, both partys will meet to discuss sentencing tomorrow for former penn state assistant football coach, jerry sandusky, accused of sexually abusing young boys and expected to get life in prison. fbi says the number of lace
traverses the area later this afternoon. let's check out what is going on in bel air. plenty of sunshine will rule and we'll start to see the clouds moving across the area. that's going to be the name of the game n manchester but plenty of sunshine is going to control us as we go through the morning and the afternoon. but this morning the temperatures are chilly. look at ellicott city at 37 now. 41 in norrisville and 46 in germantown and came bridge at 47. 46 in centreville. good morning to you, you're at 42. high pressure in control for a time. this will get the boot n a matter of moments as the cold front will start to move through and with that we're going to stay dry but on the other side of that front, boy, what very chilly air that we're going to feel cold. let's take it to the tropics where they are quite warm. we have patty the winds at 40 miles an hour that's moving towards cuba. 64-degrees is what i'm going with. it will be breezy as we go into the afternoon. cold as we go through tonight. we have a freeze watch in effect and late tonight into tomorrow morning. the running fest
to weigh in on a new wal-mart in bel air, why so many are against putting the super store in their neighborhood. baltimore county school officials are keeping students safer. those stories and whole plot more coming up in minutes on abc2 news at 6:00. with over 200 varieties, keurig makes brewing a delicious cup of coffee simple. how does it brew such great coffee? well... inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, and if you travel up this mountain, there's this huge coffee grinder. and then the coffee lands in this cup and water rushes through. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. >>> we've got an update on the california life guards who were fired. they will get their jobs back after the local city council voted to rehire them. 14 were canned for making the video while in uniform. the lifeguards said they were off the clock when they made the video. >>> coming up next, a new study looking at how autism affects boys versus than girls. >> why researchers believe it could make a difference. >> we as a committee do not want a walm
and stormy. we had thunderstorms roll in. in bellair that's the hot spot -- bellheir. -- bel air that's the hot spot. on the bothered of cecil county right now. but the heaviest batch of rain is down south. we have is a little light rain around rock hall. heaviest rain in virginia making the push in maryland. around fredericksburg and bowling green sliding up towards the north and east. we will have off and on showers throughout the morning. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: it's going to be chilly for the race for the cure. so layer up. and many roads will be shut down imping at 6:00 on -- beginning at 6:00 on sunday morning. mccormick road be closed. that's a few of the many closures so for a list go to 8 p is -- 83 is nice and clear. i can't say the same for the beltway. outer loop extremely slow. expect delays from 795 all the way down to 95 and this is wherewhat it looks like in parkville. inner loop clear towards 95. souther -- outer loop slowing down. not too bad. 13 minutes to travel from 95 up to 83. that's a look at your traf
's a crash on bel air road at erdman and another accident on alameda and cold spring lane. 695, this is what it looks like at harford road in parkville. everything up to speed. on outer loop towards towson and inner loop no delays to 95. the west side of the beltway at old court road, traffic is starting to pick up here at old court road. a 14-minute ride on the outer loof from -- outer loop from 795 to 95. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic. >>> if you know one thing about baltimore, we take pride in our teams and that's why baseball season has been so exciting this fall. and that excitement continues this morning. that's because game 3 gets underway tonight in new york. the festivities may be going on there but they are happening here, too. that's why charley crowson is live down at city hall this morning letting us know what they are doing to get prepared. charley what's going on? >> reporter: megan, a big pep rally scheduled for 10:307b9 front lawn of city hall. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake tweeted out a all call for the fans to bring the spirit andenthusiasm when we had the games sund
warnings towards the west. emmittsburg 38. 39 middletown, 41 annapolis. baltimore 46. bel air, 38 and 45 and federalsburg, we are working with very dry air this morning. with the dry air, clear skies, dealing with radiational cooling. all the heat from the day escapes in to the atmosphere. we are able to get chilly this morning. we could see the dew points bone dry coming in at 35, and york now, 38 hagerstown and fed rick 37. 41 baltimore and also dc and 46 in easton. back over to meagan. >>> still ahead on good morning maryland, exciting day for columbia residents living on what used to be coon hunt court. what is happening and why they are looking for a change, coming up. >>> making headlines around the nation, jerry sandusky heads to court tomorrow for his sentencing. the former penn state assistant coach faces life in prison, when he is sentenced for molesting ten boys over the course of a 15 year period. he was convicted on 45 counts of child sex abuse. three victims are suing the university. >>> the crew on board the coast guard cutter confidence hauled in quite a catch this weeken
decide to build on where they are now in abingdon and not build a super wal-mart in bel air. it will cause too many problems. >> reporter: problems that we're airing outside of harford county advisory committee. wal-mart said it will meet the standards including traffic concerns much the company confident the store will move forward. >> i will tell you that we have had more than 1500 signatures that we submitted from residents who do support hour new store. we know there are others who have that support. we know their voices should be heard. >> in bel air, brian kuebler. >> now the ball's back in wal-mart's court and is expected to spread. >> right now the wal-mart story is one of the hottest stories on the web and facebook page. we want you to weigh in, too head to facebook. would you fight through traffic on plum tree road or do you think it's not worth it? >> if you live in the randallstown area, they had a grand opening. >>> weather wise, beautiful clear skies still over baltimore, over maryland tonight, comfortable weather. the air temperatures will be dropping slowly a
there's a crash right on bel air road and big problems on the beltway. another accident that is going to be on outer loop at camp meade road. looking live at the southwest corner of 695 at route 295, notice traffic picking up. if you are traveling the beltway up in pikesville, you will want to watch out for a disabled car in the inner loop at green spring avenue. that's your traffic. megan over to you. >>> it's been a long day heading to the store and peck up a six-pack. how long you had to work to earn that beer and which country can afor the most booze each week. >> reporter: another person has died from the deadly meningitis outbreak. where it happened and why health officials fear it could get a lot worse. >>> 5:46. thanks for joining us. there are new developments to tell you about in the deadly mennen gite us outbreak. another person died and -- meningitis outbreak. another person has died. where did the latest death occur. >> reporter: in florida. a 70-year-old man. it's the first death linked to the outbreak of the rare form of meningitis there and more people have gotten sick
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of the of customers till iinthe dark.- dark. keith daniels... is... streaming live.... in bel air when... he... caught up... withha crew...keith.. 3 p, can still keep up to date on u the latest news ann critical weather infoomation.we are streaming our newscasts to the web and to mooble devices. by searching for "wbff" in pp and we are constantly updating our website and facebook page. go to oxbaltimore dot command facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore for the very latest as hurricaneesandy moves into marylandd while... crews ...are working... overtime... to... repaii power lines, .../ they're... dealing... with dangerous cooditions... on the roads. 3 sandy... cauuing trees... and... many... were still blocking streets this morning...//. &pboulevard... i mount washington. crews.... shut down... this section... of... nearr.. bbl air,.../ where... working... to... clear a 3 tree... that crashed... into a home... further... up the rrad. many... of... thoss trees... brought down... megan gilliland..
)) ((bump in)) ((addlib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reeorter ad libs)) map fiber map bel air map quarantine 3 coming up... the rrvens battle it oot with the chiefs in kansas city. allowed them to improve their reeord to 4 and one. 3 3&absences... that really add u. the new plan baltimore school officials have put in place... to make sure kids go to class. ((break 2))kw@ 3 a lot has been said aaout the state of american education. but, teachers can't teach kids pho aren't in class.baltiiore has a nnw plan in the fight against chronic absences. athenn jooes shows us what's being done ... and some eeamples of how it's working. --reporter pkg-as follows --(nats)baltimore teen jerrod williams has come a long seventh grade, he missed thirty-thrre days f drrpping out."there'd be days i'd jjst stayyhome, playythe game, eat, sleep, and that's about it, watch tv."williams &pstruggled to get passing grades at a chool where he didn't feellthe eachers cared. that's where karen webber ndour came in.she handles attendance initiatiies for the city's school district. "i saw him on the first da
coming in from bel aire this morning. there's reduced visibility across the region and we do have some problems in hartford county. there's a fallen tree that has actually shut down a portion of hartford road. i'll have more on that coming up in just a bit. lynette, i hope this ends soon. >> it's not going to be soon. we have a dense fog advisory until 8:00 and until then we have fog across the area. let's continue to tawblg about this fog because we do have less than, in a lot of spots, visibility quarter mile, so it's bad out there this morning. you can see these numbers right now. as we look on the eastern shore, seven miles of reduced visibility and that's why they do have some delays across that area. so with all the foggy conditions, we do have a dense fog advisory until 8:00 for these areas here shaded in the gray color, so once again we're still talking about cecil county, also hartford county, baltimore county, even the city and anne arundel county. and this will continue even as we go through the morning, even after that expires we'll still have some foggy conditions out ther
the beltway looks like in overlea at bel air road nothing in are way on the inner loop towards 59 or outer loop up towards providence road. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. >>> 20 minutes after 6. it's worse than health care officials originally thought. we are talking about the meningitis outbreak. it's killed one person for maryland and sicken another. 7 clinics may have been exposed. so linda so is here with what you need to know this morning as you get ready to head out the door. what is this all about and why are they so concerned. >> reporter: they are contaminated steroid shots commonly given for back pain. we know that at least 7 facilities throughout the state that unknowingly gave the shots linked to the outbreak including locations in towson baltimore and edgewood and bel air. the outbreak has gotten worse. the cdc reports at least five people have died and 35 people have gotten sick and 6 -- in 6 states. so far in maryland one person has died, and another has gotten sick. outbreak has been linked to the spinal steroid shots that come in treatment f
there on maryland's most powerful radar. and it keeps on redeveloping around harford county. so bel air right now you are dealing with wet weather. some moderate rain coming down around kingsville and also perry hall. just to the north of middle river this morning. and also we are dealing with some wet weather in havre de grace again. aberdeen also perryman and port deposit. we had a little brake along i- 95 that stretch but it's back. so this will be the story as we go throughout the day. off and on showers this morning. and then finally things will begin to taper off a bit. now ellicott city's temperature this morning we are mild. 60 that dew point coming in at 60. we have patchy fog. so, you name it we have it this morning. 62 in arbutus with the dew point of 61. the wind are pretty much on the light side but it will get breezy once the fronts passes later today and davidsonville's temperatures at 63 degrees with the dew point of 63. now your planner looks like this. as we go into 8:00, the showers out there off and on scattered in nature. as we go into lunchtime mostly cloudy skies. things wi
county, the color of the day, the color of the week is orange. we go live to buffalo wild wings in bel air. what's the mood there, jeff? >> reporter: at buffalo wild wings for a wild card game. meet as well be an antacid commercial. plenty of o's fans sitting on the edge with indigestion. we have steve led better. you said you've been a long time orioles fan. how long as it been since post season. >> in the '90s. it's long overdue. >> reporter: you've only had 48 hours. what it been like for the last 48 hours? >> the last 48 hours, a little stressful. not sure if they're going this make. it you're watching the oakland series, the texan series. i can tell you this team has the pitching. they have the defense. they have the three-run home run. that's 1983 all over again. >> reporter: i have to bring in chad. texas ranger fan. chad, explain why you're here. >> army officer at the proving ground. >> reporter: we'rement going to use the word choke. aren't army people supposed to adapt to their surroundings? i'm wondering where the o's cap is. thank you so much chad. thank you, william. peop
))((trafficcreporter ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map fiber map bel air ad libs)) map fiber map bellair map quarrntine 3 3 33 3 still toocome... tense moments travelers..he loose seats hat . had flight crews scrambling mid. mid-air.and later...happy holidays...expected for america's retailers.the juut-released spending predictions. ((bump out)) ((break 2))aúkw@ anncr: more anti-maryland ads. from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed. 3 somm trouuling news for american airlines. already struggling to get outt of bankruptcy... now the company has a new set of concerrs -- insecure ssats. as aansleyyearhardt the last few days, two suuh incidenns
))((traffic reporter ad libs))((traffic reporter 3 3 3((traffic reporter ad libs)) 3 mappquarnatinemap fbier map bel air , map quarnatine 33 3 3 &p3 still to come... ameeican express forced toorefund customers.hoo to find out f 3 &pyou can expect... to get a cheek. 3 dettrmining if gaminn high stakks decision operators and taappyers are waiiing for. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) police and lawmakers want to crackdown on what theyy maryland.but a judge may in - decide this week whether interree gammng terminals fall under the state's casino laws. melinda roeder explains what's at sttke for ooerators and taxp. at this bingo hall in south baltimore... players can purchaseecredits fr so-called to customers for a fee"..... they go online... and play games - sooe evennsimulate slot machines -- and players say it's no differenttthan a 03/16/2012 - ericcluedtke) - &p"they're not going in there t check their email. they're going in there t get the free sweepstakks entrres that they then use to reveal prices wwthh slots style games."state year to efine slot machines.... including "through the internet."l
. it may sound like any other day here at vehicle service plus in bel air but a glance at this sign tells us all thoughts are on the orioles beating the rangers. >> it's going to be a tough game but i think we'll do well. even though we're in texas, we'll do well. the bull pen is hanging in there. >> reporter: the plaque and orange is evident -- black and orange is evident on main street. >> it's been so exciting. they're a young team. it's great to see them playing so hard. it really gets you excited for the orioles. >> reporter: city leaders are also feeling the o's magic. >> we're excited. we're calling it purple and orange fridays. we're doing hour monthly block parties. we'll have a little mini rally and give away prizes, go out and watch the game on tv. we're excited. >> reporter: he is hoping for more high want to see it between the nationals and the o's. people will be happy and spending money. >> the first wild card game in the american league we've seen all battling in a winner take all. the mini rally goes on until 8:00 tonight. also, her at buffalo wild wings, still a few seat
it will be a great benefit to children. ((bump in)) (((d lib eteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map bel air map 95 at 395 map fiber 3 3 coming uu... the orioles move the regular seasonnon a losing . note..ow one tamma bay layer almost single- handedly sent 3he o's down to defeat..- singing for tudents... at his alma materrthe local "x- factor" hopeful who went back to his roots. ((break 2)) 3 on t-v, he's in boot camp on fox's hit- sshw 'x-factor'. but, nnw... david correy went reportssthe annapolis musician is staying true to his roots... evvn as his fame pakes off. off. kathy mahar: 21155 "it's gonna student body. thhy''r gonna go the archbishop spalding auddtorium is hot with excitement.23.15 singing rhcp zachary mckinney doesn't know it.(nats)but, his band is the warm- up act.kathy mahar: 20.30 "i thiik when he walks in that auditorium, people hear the scceamss.(nats:: screams)those screams are for david correy.(nats: correy peeforming)he's not just any alumni.katie bogdan: 36.477"i inspiration or everyonn in the music department especially."emily freeman: 33.20 "i'm so hhppy, b
395 map 43 map bel air map 3 &p3- 3 still to come... ggogle goofs. goofssthe strange search queriee... that can lead to stories on the presidential cannidates. a memorial wwth religious government property.the prince george's county structurr that could be facing remmvaa. ((break 2)) a÷ a 40-ffoo tall ross standing n overnment contrrversy i a maryland town. joon henrehaa has more on the onflict. conflict. ffct, this 40-foot-tall ly as 3 concrete structure was built ammrican leggonas a memorial to the 49 en of prince georgg's county who died n the service of their country during worll warronee the fact that it's a cross -- tte american humanist bothers - pthis country is a iveese : have hindus, we have nonntheists, and we''e always representing ttose who have y only reprrsennaaive of one faith is just not uniivrsal &penough."" he uuannsts have sent a letter o the mmryland nationaa parkkand planning commission deeanding that the cross be removed from the rest of the war memorial. more than 120 people to express their support offy - kathyydavis, nn of the organizer
tomorrow. fantastic weather in bel air on main street where we still got plenty of fall colors. we're starting to go past peak. current conditions, now 74 at the airport. dew point 53. the air is dry. conditions improving. humidity coming up a little bit but that's not a bad thing. temperatures running across the state in the mid to upper 70s. almost 80 at dulles. even at the beach we're pushing 70 degrees. you can see those showers that sort of threatened them from the north. now most of that rain activity has pushed east. there's quite a bit of rain in new york state. for us here in maryland, i think some passing clouds for the rest of the night. you should stay dry, maybe a few drops on the windshield at most. future trend quiet. that's the bottom line. nothing more then a few passing clouds and into the day on thursday, prime conditions holding on again and really no big changes in sight until the second half of the weekend and into next week. a boundary that will dive south and drop temperatures. in the meantime temperatures ramping up. a surge of warm air should ramp us up cl
libbmeteorologist)) 33 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) mmpp395 map fiber map bel air map 3 still to come... a new computer scam... to watch ouu f. hackers are holding important data for ransom. 3 honoriig our allen heroes.the memorial ceremony that took place over the weekend... in emmitsburgg ((bbeakk2)) barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven... so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven. remembering our heroes. firefighters are nw adddd to the national memorial in maryland.paul gessler talked to the family of one of paryllnd's fallen firefiihter. fireeighter. ron siarnicki, national fallen figgterfighters foundation: 40.01 "this is an importtnt
the coat. 39 rockville. 47 in westminster. frederick 42 degrees, bel air 48 degrees. 50 arnold. easton 43. you can see the 40s there. 43 galena. mar delmardela, 40 degrees. high pressure building in, when high pressure builds ins it keeps the clouds at bay. speaking of sinking, we will head south to the tropics, a little bit of trouble here. we are watching this cluster of thunderstorms, showers, just unsettled weather. this could be sandy as we go through time and sandy could effect us as we go through the next weekend. future trend not picking up on a lot for today. lots of sunshine in the forecast for us. the high temperature is 70 degrees, it's going be mostly sunny, and warm. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >>> we are following a fire right now in federal hill that shut down battery avenue. if you are traveling in neighborhood, you will want to use riverside avenue, as your alternate route. as we look at 95, downtown, here at 395, everything moving along, no delays through the fort mc henry tunnel or harbor tunnel. you will notice the beltway in great shape as
liib)) map fiber map quarantine map bel air map 3 3 coming up... the oriiles come out of game two... with a muuh- needed win. chrissdavis managed to &ppome through for theecluu... early on in the night. the fight... for independent voters.the huge ipact they could haae on the ootcome of the nooember elections. ((break 2)) anncr: more anti-maryland ads. from this wecasino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed. 3 with juut four weeks util election day...president obama outtfor voters...including the this morning's cover story, john rydell examines thh role offthose independenn. independent. "this doesn't look good for staa
. 60 in bel air. peak wind gusts up around 5 miles an 5 -- 25 miles an hour. so breezy and sunny. dry conditions and a big high pressure dome keeping the sky high and dry. the rest of the evening 50, clear and cool. temperatures dropping off steadily. we may briefly touch 40 toward daybreak tomorrow but it will be a big warmup under the sun. we'll talk about that and look at your weekend coming up. >>> it was one of the most horrendous crimes this city had ever seefnlt seven members of one family murdered by criminals. >> 10 years ago the dawson family were murdered because they spoke out. roosevelt leftwich is live at where the dawson house once stood. >> reporter: you remember that 10 years ago it was one of the worst scenes in baltimore history, a whole family, seven people killed because they decided to stand up against crime in their neighborhood. look at the place now. the dawson family center where people can come -- kids can come to learn. r--- a safe place to be. 10 years ago they died after their house was fire bombed by a 21-year-old neighbor. they became outspoken about cr
in federalsburg. tillman 54. outside, bel air, seeing plenty of clear skies, lots of sunshine, will rule throughout the day. we are going to be feeling the breeze as we continue through day. the wind northwest at 5-10, 15 miles an hour, we will have gusts up to 20-25 miles an hour as well. cold front whisked through yesterday. behind it cooler and breezier, high pressure building in, that's going to keep the clouds at bay as we go through the rest of the day. let's look at hurricane rafael right now. looking pretty good. encountering sheer. all in all, the good news is this will stay away from the u.s. as we go through time. temperature 65 degrees, plenty of sunshine in here, cooler and breezier and also by tonight the temperature at 42, mostly clear, chilly, you are going to need the coat again. 67 for tomorrow. mostly sunny and seasonable. 67 is where we should be for this time of the year, warming things up in to thursday and showers as we go in to the evening and friday morning, more showers, but we clear out nicely, komen race, looking good. it will be a chilly start. now a check of
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